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5 Tips For Selling Manufactured Homes

As realtors, you’re always looking for the best ways to sell one of your listings. After all, the faster you sell a property, the happier your clients are and the more profitable your year is!

So what are some of the best tips to help you move those listings?

Manufactured Homes Are HUD Certified

Manufactured homes come with the HUD code seal. This means it meets the regional standards for roof load, wind resistance, thermal efficiency, safety and durability. You don’t have to worry about the issues a home inspection will turn up because it’s already passed the HUD certification process.

This is a great selling point for buyers who are looking for a low-maintenance property. They know they’re buying a home that is move-in ready and aren’t looking at a long list of projects to work on.

Communities Are Well-Maintained

There’s nothing worse than trying to sell a house in a neighborhood that isn’t taken care of. Being surrounded by unkempt lawns, cracked roads and poorly-maintained homes make it hard to sell even the most appealing house.

Manufactured home communities take care of all common areas and ensure that the area always looks it best. This means the homes hold their value and buyers can be assured their neighborhood will always be appealing.

Easily Access Building Details

All the homes in a manufactured home community follow a uniform style and color plan. You can easily access data about when the home was built and can be comfortable knowing all the building codes were followed.

There’s no reason to worry about how other homes were built or if any construction issues will affect your home’s value.

Access Financing Through The Community

Many manufactured home community will offer financing. This makes it easy for buyers to find a property they like, then secure the financing they need to buy, all in one place. These financing options are geared toward manufactured homes and the loan officers can help the buyers move through the process quickly.

You Have A Good Idea Of The Property’s Value

Due to the manufactured home community’s control of construction and maintenance, it’s easier to price homes. Unlike other neighborhoods, there’s not a widely fluctuating range of home styles or maintenance levels, so you can feel more confident that the property will bring in the asking price.

With these tips, you’re ready to sell homes in manufactured home communities. Learn more about what properties are available and how you can add them to your listings. All you have to do now is start selling!

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