• Manufactured homes come with features you would find in a site-built home. Many floor plans are available, ranging from basic models to elaborate designs featuring vaulted ceilings, drywall, fully equipped modern kitchens, comfortable bedrooms, walk-in closets, and bathrooms with recessed bathtubs and whirlpools.
  • With the vast majority of manufacturers now using the latest in computer-assisted design, you have the flexibility of customizing your home’s floor plan, interior finishes, and exterior designs. Your lifestyle and your budget guide the options you choose.
  • Many manufacturers provide homes that are "accessible" for those with special needs. Accessible features, include extra-wide halls and doorways, accessible counters and appliances, and specially equipped bathrooms.
  • The life expectancy of modern manufactured housing is equivalent to comparable site-built housing. Properly installed manufactured housing under HUD’s new construction code is also as safe and storm resistant as any other new home.
  • Appreciation on any home (site-built or manufactured) - is affected by the same factors: desirability and stability of the community, supply and demand for homes in the local market, and maintenance and upkeep of the home. When properly installed and maintained, today’s manufactured homes will appreciate the same as surrounding site-built homes.
  • There are major benefits to having your home built in a factory: The construction process is quality controlled. The weather doesn’t interfere with construction. All technicians are on the same team and professionally supervised. Inventory is controlled and materials are protected from theft and weather-related damage. All construction materials and appliances are purchased in volume for additional savings.
  • Produced in one-fifth the time and half the cost of site-built homes, manufactured housing uses fewer materials and generates 35%-40% less waste than comparable site-built units.
  • Construction costs per square foot for a new manufactured home average 10 to 35 percent less than a comparable site-built home. Today’s manufactured home offers quality construction, modern amenities and livability... at a price that fits your lifestyle and your budget!
  • The HUD code is a nationally recognized building code. When your home has the HUD code seal attached to its exterior it meets the regional standards for roof load, wind resistance, thermal efficiency, safety and durability.
  • The HUD Code includes strict standards for fire retardation and smoke generation in materials, large windows in all bedrooms, smoke alarms, and at least two exterior doors which must be separate from each other and reachable without having to pass through other doors that can be locked. A national fire safety study by the Foremost Insurance Company showed that site-built homes are more than twice as likely to experience a fire as manufactured homes.

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